Wednesday, 2 February 2011


1904 postcard. Only the farm above the bridge.
Farmyard on the left, below the bridge

Two views, including the photographer's terrier. Geo. Page photos.

The Housing Act, 1957. Guisborough (Belmangate No. 2 Clearance Area) Compulsory Purchase Order 1960.

Late 20th C.

(Local Bd Minute Books, Cleveand Cty Archive Office)
1869 Closing of stream in Belmangate – half cost by Loc Bd. Half by Admiral Thomas Chaloner.
Long Close Field up from Belmont Farm, a reservoir for use of town, nominal charge of 1/- per annum by Admiral Chaloner so long as town requires water. (Piped). Brickwork still there file Water 1805.doc

Cottages on E side
No 37

No ?

Mr Harry Jerrett’s house. No ?
His deeds 1748
W Sturdy, cordwainer,
adjoining Mathew Pybourne on N
Thomas Lincolne and Robert Sturdy – ground on old estate map
Belmangate, Gysburne Cottage
Dr Henderson’s house in Belmangate, at one time owned by Tom Wolstencroft’s great aunt, Mrs Edith Dickinson, who also owned the Orange CafĂ© (now 1983 – Hill’s Bakery). TW says they converted the Belmangate house from three little buildings. Quote: “I remember the excitement when an old iron kitchen range was pulled away to disclose an old inglenook fireplace, and being covered in plaster when chipping away at the ceiling disclosed old oak beams. In one of he bedrooms the beams had strange markings. I forget what they looked like, but I remember the theory being advanced that the timber had been obtained from vessels wrecked on the shore. …When my father was turning over the garden he discovered a stone bearing the date 1666 – I remember the date because of its associations with the Fire of London. This could be the date of the building, but I would have thought the inglenook to be medieval.”