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Family names A to E

1823 – Par. Reg. S Nicholas – Baptism, Margaret, daughter of Henry and Mary Baliol, Comedian.
The Book of Common Prayer, and Holy Bible, OUP 1844.

Harriet & Robert Bradbury’s copy, the Gift of Philip, late Lord Wharton, 1844
See Post entitled ENVIRONS dated 28.10.2009 for illustrations of embossed front cover, endpapers and flyleaf.

In 1881 Census at 29 Church Street, age 30 years. Master tailor employing 2 men and 2 boys. Born in Durham. (Bulchar ?)
see Bramley window

1841 census:
Thomas Bulmer, 40, tinner and brazier. John, 15, app. tinner. Thomas, 10

family, deeds

No. ? Westgate.
WDB saw these by courtesy of Mrs Buttery, living above “Chocolate Box” (Tenant: Mrs Armstrong) and another shop alongside (No. ? Westgate, tenant Arthur Gray—cycles and prams; sold and empty 1975; later the site of Hintons supermarket.
Deeds registered at Northallerton 30 Dec 1778.
“Towards the east by a lane or way leading from and out of the said street (Westgate) to a stable in the possession of Wm Leigh Williamson” (the parson). Back of Mermaid (now Tap and Barrel) inn?
1778 – Samuel Corney, butcher and farmer
1806 – Mr Robt Johnston (he bought it in 1805 for £270)
1823 – Philip Heselton the elder, Joseph Heselton, John Barr, John Grey
1865 – RichaRD Ord (owner of tanyard behind)
1895 – Charles Ovington Ord (son of Richard),
Bewick, a draper

Robert Braid Carnegie, born in Middlesbrough 1931.
Robert Braid Carnegie, his father. Born 1900 in Hebburn. 1900-1978.
James Milne Carnegie, grandfather, born 1870. Died 1903. 199 Cuthbert Street, Hebburn, Tyne and Wear.

1841 census:
Robert Chapman, 30, surgeon. Marianne 30. N side of Westgate
Charles Ovington Ord (got his will) buried in lead coffin. A character. A barrister. Did not practise. Left s estate to Poynters &c, &c (Executor Mr Trevor). Had he Richard Ord’s Diary (see newspaper: Made Benny Beeton drunk and sent him over the road to the Chemist Fairburn. Staggered into shop and pulled down iron stove-pipe.Also the road-sweeper who was given a “strong” doctored drink by Charles Ovington Ord. Sweeper’s mate took him home in a barrow
Stone from old tanyard “slid into place” over Plantin Beck (Bakehouse Square).
CO Ord and Barney Buckworth. Crowd at door. Soot bags. CO pulled out his yellow handkerchief (Liberal) and saved himself.
The above from Ernie Pattison, plumber, Bakehouse Square. 1 May 1960. (E Pattison’s Grandfather (Wright) had foot blown off Gunpowder Plot Night.)

Friday 16 May 1980. Invited by Mr Gordon Curry (purchaser of West Garth, former home of the Charltons) to see house and exchange information. Mr Curry told me that under the floorboards of an upstairs room he found a pack of playing cards and a set of small bone dominoes. Also that in an outbuilding there was a stack of broken pottery etc, each item wrapped in a piece of paper with description of he piece. He said there was a real pile. Now he is jubilant that with modern glue he has reassembled them and intends to display hem in the house when he has completed preservation of some features and made some alterations and additions. Indications of original dwelling are blocked-up doorways. The east end obviously tacked on as an office for Mr Charlton. The original eastern end of house plain to see now that he has removed a cupboard and a safe to the right of the fireplace. These he says he will replace. In the hall he has a plan on the wall – past/present/future. A happy man – “doing the work himself”. In the doorway leading to the garden at the back a glass panel window with two inscribed autographs – one “Thomas Wilson June (July) 1820” and another piece (upper right) indecipherable. Looks light (sic) part of a panel. Bull’s eye blown glass. Original? Or put there by the Charltons?
Wilson the clockmaker?

“Willie Charlton”
Mr William Charlton of the West Garth (N side of Westgate) Manager of Spawood Mine. Born 6.3.1852. Died 13.3.1929. Married 1880 (in London?)

Whitby Gazette 14.2.1880. Soup kitchen Guisbro’. Exertions of Capt Lynas. Applications down 240 to 180.

Slapewath Mine owned by Charlton Bros? Went bankrupt. Whitby Gazette 14.2.1880. Auction sale in early part of 1880. Purchased by Samuelsons of Newport Iron Works. Mr Charlton became Manager at Spawood. CHECK THIS! One octogenarian told me in the 1960s that “Willie Charlton was the best mining engineer in Cleveland”. Sometimes called “Ratchet Willie” after he introduced a new ratchet drill in the mines. Result a strike? His wife (neé Bartlett) gave an alms dish to the Parish Church. “To the Glory of God and in loving memory of William Edward Bartlett of the City of London, Freeman. This alms dish is presented by his daughter Frances Elizabeth Charlton of the Parish Church of St Nicholas, Guisborough. June 29th 1910.”
Did she disown her mother? Why not mentioned?
Remember going to West Garth to obtain official sanction to leave school in 1916 when I as 13! A magistrate or a school governor? Understandingly her background and status made her an intimidating Body! (WDB)

1841 census:
Henry Clarke, 55, solicitor. Female Servant 25, Female Servant 25. Male servant 15
Henry Clarke at Longhull
1881 census:
JW Clarke, Land Agent, of Kemplah House, age 39. Wife Marjorie age 24. Born Cambo, N’umberland. Did they part?

Gifts to servants. Per Roger Darnton (Asked him for source)

Mr. John William Clarke of Guisborough, Yks., Land Agent, for some years Hon.Sec. of the Cleveland Hunt and a strong supporter of local shows with hunters, who died on 26 Feb. 191? 1eft £9,976, l0s net personally being £6,225 ls7d. £150 to Brother, Rev.Arthur Dawson Clarke, £100 to his groom Robert Buxton, £25 each to his clerks William Dixon Darnton and Charles Henry Fordham, £50 in trust for his cook Mabel Stephenson and his man-servant Oliver Buxton and the residue of the property in trust for Loftus Gwynn Leslie Pencocke.Check Par. Reg. for date of death/burial/age

Thomas Corney. Obit. Notice Methodist Magazine 1808
(info. from Bob Porritt)

Henry Cross, 35, teacher. Margaret 30. Mary 10. Johanna 7. Elizabeth 5. Emily 4 months.
(13 houses in Patten lane)
1841 census

To Mr RB Snowdon, 207 Hardhorn Lane, Poullton-le-Fylde, Blackpool FY6 8DW:

HENRY CROSS, born at Langtoft 1806 (parents Mark and Ann) Mark died at Ebberston 1818. Gd.parents John, a shepherd and Elizabeth Cross who had one child Mark, born at Kilham. A tradition that Henry Cross had a limp. HC married at Ebberston 1930. Moved to Guisborough 1835-6, had a school in Patten Lane. In 1841 Rate book was tenant of a house there and school was round the corner i Church St. (in 1837 schoolroom ‘empty’). Note: cholera 1836. Deaths of Parson Thomas Pym Williamson and his son William Leigh Williamson. In June 1848 Henry Wrightson (resident in Westgate) rented the schoolroom.

1841 Census: Henry Cross, 35, teacher, Margaret, wife, 30, Mary 10, Emily Margaret* 4 mos., baptised S. Nicholas 6/3/41.
Priscilla Frances bapt. 5 Aug. 1838 at S. Nicholas. Buried 19 Nov 1839.
NOTE: another Priscilla Frances bapt 19 Nov 1843. Died 14 May 1850 at 29 Hollis St, Leeds. HC ‘surveyor’. Also on Burgess Roll 1849, same address; one of 6 on roll, out of abt 40 hses. Directory for 1847 (White) HC ‘civil engineer’. For 1849-50 ‘engineer’ (Charlton & Archdeacon Dir.) at 10 Burley Terrace, Leeds.

Henry Cross applied for the vacancy of Master at the Grammar School in 1843 (a joint foundation almshouse and school ‘Jesus Hospital’). He sent letters of application to 2 wardens: Thomas Simpson and JR Lee. A letter to a fellow warden suggests delaying tactics, ‘If we can keep it open until it becomes your turn to appoint ... Mr Cross is ineligible, being married’.
(See Guisborough Before 1900, p 147).

Another applicant, Henry Watson, stated (18 Oct 1843) ‘I am at present teaching a school in Guisborough, but previous to my establishment here have followed the occupation of an assistant in different respectable boarding schools. As my situation in Guisborough is by no means lucrative, being a stranger in this part of the country, and being place in opposition to Mr Cross, who has been brought to the place, and is therefore supported by the inhabitants, it will not be superfluous to observe that I would not object to a yearly engagement, should such be permitted by the rules of the school’. (Guisborough Grammar School Archives – now Prior Pursglove Sixth Form College).

In 1837 Henry Cross was appointed as ‘Assistant Overseer’. The yearly salary was £4 and the duties ‘ ... to keep all the accounts relating to the poor rates, make out jury lists and lists of Voters’. Salary increased in 1848 to £7/10/-. Did Henry Cross then leave Guisborough?

Henry Cross compiled maps for John Walker Ord’s History of Cleveland, published in 1846, and a map of Whitby is attributed to him.

In 1841 (6 June) he was the enumerator for the Census District No. 4, covering 17 farms in all, one of which was Long Hull, the old farmhouse residence of the Chaloners, where the Rev. Henry Clarke, parson of the parish, was residing.
In the list of Subscribers for Ord’s History one John Cross of 30 Rood Lane, London, is included. Mr RB Snowdon has not been able to obtain any information on John Cross.
(See letter – 10 Oct 1986, below)

The photo of HC (vide Mr Snowdon) was the work of ‘J Inskip, the Cliff, Scarborough, c. 1865-75. So likeness could be 59 to 68 yrs,

Gravestone in Ebberston Churchyard: ‘I Loving Memory of / Henry Cross / who died May 15th, 1874 / Aged 68 Years. / Also of Margaret his wife / who died March 3rd, 1884 / Aged 75 Years.

Query vide Mr Snowdon: Mother of Henry Cross; 1851 Census Return for Stokesley. Granddaughter registered, Ann Parkin Cross, 6 yrs.
Par. Regs: Stokesley: Ann, daughter of Ann Illeg.? Poor Law/Guardians Papers?

HC’s schoolmaster at Ebberston also a bookbinder. W Clifford.

1851 Census: Henry Cross had returned to Ebberston – ‘schoolmaster there for 20 years or so’. 1857 Directory: ‘schoolmaster and postmaster’. 1872 Dir. ‘Post Office Receiver’.

Whist he was at Guisborough he was apparently C of E having three of his daughters baptised there. Was he ‘brought to the place’ by Parson Thomas Pym Williamson or his son? (see above)

Mr Snowdon has unearthed a strong family connection with the Wesleyan Methodist Church. (So far I have not found that he was attached to Wes. Ch. in Guisborough). By 1850 Henry Cross’s daughter Mary was trained as a teacher at Glasgow Normal Seminary on behalf of the Wes. Com’tee of Educ’n, who sent her to Oldham, establishing Mr Snowdon’s ‘unbroken links with Lancashire...I cannot believe Mary would have been accepted if her father also had not been a Wes. Methodist.’

Ebberston Wesleyan Chapel: HC’s bro-in-law (husband of HC’s wife’s sister) was an existing trustee. New Trust formed 1867, one of the newly-appointed trustees. Trust first created 1811, an uncle of Henry’s wife was one of the trustees, but not her father.

Letter of 24 Oct, 1985 from Mr Snowdon: He visited his ‘sixth cousin’ at Helmsley, Mr Thorpe. Learned that school building at Ebberston had recently been sold. Had not been used as a school since 1874, the year of Henry’s death, when the new school was built. A village conflict – church v chapel? Conservatives v Liberals? Any information at Northallerton Archives on Ebberston?

Letter of 15 Feb, 1987:
“Dear Mr Brelstaff,
Just a further word on the history of Henry Cross. You may remember that you established that he moved from Ebberston to Guisborough by invitation from some person or persons unknown. I did wonder whether this might have been through Thomas Simpson, the lord of the manor at Nunthorpe as the vicar of Ebberston at the same time was Rev Thomas Simpson. However I thin I told you in my last letter this appeared to be unlikely as I had seen the wills of both parties and there was no hint of any connection. Rev. Thomas Simpson was a bachelor and his executors and beneficiaries of his will were his housekeeper and the Vicar of Thornton Dale.
I thin that was the position when I last wrote to you. I subsequently found that when Rev. Thomas Simpson died in 1836 he had been vicar of Ebberston for 26 years but that he had not signed the Register until 1825. In other words he had presumably been an absentee vicar for the first 15 years.
On a recent visit to York I was looking up something else in the Institution Act Books which record all appointments of vicars etc. Purely by chance I noted that a Rev. Thomas Simpson (the same man?) was appointed Vicar (or Curate?) of Kirkleatham in 1802. In view of the proximity of Kirkleatham to Guisborough I wondered whether there could have been a connection.
These books were quite interesting. At one time I thought that all C of E vicars had to have university degrees. However this books shows that this was not so. The qualification was shown against each name. Only about 25% had degrees. Somewhat meagre qualifications!!
This letter is just for interest. Do not trouble to reply, please, unless yo have a specific point.
With kindest regards to you and your wife, Yours sincerely, R.B. Snowdon.”
(Check at Kirkleatham Par. reg. VCH.)

Guisborough Co-op. Soc. 1876. Henry Cross, a committee member. One of 7 committee men who signed an amendment of Rules.

‘Cross Street’ – off Cleveland Street
Horse and Cart, in the station yard

Wm Damby, a widower, married Sarah Etherington, spinster, 27 November 1727.
1789 Deodatus Danby (barber) buried (see Ralph Ward’s Diary for contraction of name).
Danby table-tomb in churchyard – Wm Danby 1897, aged 90 (saw this in 1975)
Danby family gift of candelabra in the chancel
A tradition that on S side of Market Place a site called Danby’s Plain (v. Wilf Walker’s father). S side of Market Place, see old map. A single house there? No! map only concerned with estate property and not with freeholds.

1841 Census
Thomas Darnton, 20, Eliza Darnton, 15, Butcher, dwelling S side of Westgate
Margaret Darnton, 15, one of 3 female servants working at Longhull for Rev. Henry Clarke and his wife Catherine and son Henry 3 months old. One of the 3 servants Isabella Merrington. 1 male servant, 15.
Wm Darnton, 45, Jane Darnton, 15. Butcher, Church St. (after Hodgson’s the Printers)
Jane Miriam, born 7 Feb 1850, daughter of Thomas and Eliza Darnton, baptised in Wesleyan Chapel, Guisborough, 28 March 1850. Minister Henry Graham.
(R/M/RSG/3/1/1-3) Middlesbrough-Cleveland County Archives dept) 1840-1940.
see also Law and Order, Constables' disbursements

(any mention in Ralph Ward?)
William agent to the Chaloners. A memorial in Ripon Minster. b 1753, d 12.1.1812, aged 60 years See John Walker Ord’s footnote on p215 of ‘History of Cleveland’, re WD’s involvement in late 18c restoration of Parish Church.

1861 Census
THOMAS EASTON, 67, Woodman, born Guisborough.
Hannah, his wife, 64, born in Skelton.
Robert, 32, Agricultural Labourer, born Guisbro’.
Resident in Belmangate.
1881 Census – no corresponding entry

1861 Census
THOMAS EASTON, 40, Agricultural Labourer, born Guisborough.
Sarah his wife, 28, born in Westerdale.
Thomas, 8, scholar, born in Guisborough.
John, 6, scholar, born Guisborough.
Catherine, 1 yr, born in Guisborough.
Resident in Cleveland Place, Belmangate.
1881 Census
Thomas, now 60.
Sarah trecorded as 50.
Elizabeth 2, General Dom. Servant.
William 13 scholar
Jane 11 scholar
George 8 scholar
Margaret 6 scholar
Laura 11 months (grand-daughter)
All offspring born in Guisborough
Resident at 155 Westgate

1861 Census
ROBERT EASTON, 55 Master Tailor
Jane, his wife 57
William 28 Tailor
Robert 16 Driver at ironstone mines
George 12 scholar. Also
Eliza Parkinson, grand-daughter 11 yrs
All the family born in Guisboro’
Resident in Northoutgate
1881 Census
A George Easton, 32, a boarder at 37 Union Street. Ironstone Miner

1861 Census
JOHN EASTON, 30, Groom, born in Guisborough
Ann his wife, 30, born Middleton-in-Teesdale
Thomas, 16, a scholar
Ann 5
John 2.
All three born in Guisborough
Resident in Church Street
1881 Census
Ann Easton, now a widow, age given as 47, a Laundress, born at Middleton-n-Teesdale
Thomas, 26, General Labourer
John, Ironstone Miner, 22.
Resident 81 Chuirch Street.

1861 Census
JOHN EASTON, 24, Ironstone Miner, born in Norfolk (place illegible), lodging in Cleveland Street.

GEORGE EASTON, 23, Ironstone miner, born in Guisborough.
Mary, his wife, 21, born at Nunthorpe.
George LJ, 3 months, born Guisborough.
Jane Ingledew, mother-in-law, 66, born Moorsholm.
Resident in Belmangate.
1881 Census
Now 43. Ironstone Mines Deputy.
Mary his wife a dressmaker, born Nunthorpe. Now 41
Charles H 12, a scholar;
George, 9, a scholar;
Ada L, 6, a scholar;
Emma J, 4, a scholar:
all four born Guisboroughj.
Resident 94 Belmangate

JOHN EASTON, 26 General Labourer. Born Guisborough.
Mary A his wife, born Claydon, Suffolk. Katie 3,
Annie M 1 yr.
Both born Guisboro’.
Resident at 157 Westgate.

ROBERT EASTON, 41, Ironstone Miner, born Guisborough.
Sarah A, 37, born in Halifax.
Margaret H 17, General Domestic Servant.
William H 16, Plumber’s Apprentice.
Elizabeth E 12, scholar.
Robert M 11 yrs, scholar.
Sarah A 7, scholar.
Harold W 4, a scholar.
Resident at 23 Bennison Street.

MARGARET EASTON, born in Guisborough, domestic servant, age illegible, living with brother-in-law John W Johnson, 29, unemployed blacksmith, born at Lincoln Wood, Enderby, resident at Mason’s Arms, Stump Cross.

Bulmer’s 1890 Directory of N & E Ridings of Yorks:
1890—Mrs Sarah Easton, a carter or carrier, living at 44 Fountain Street, Guisborough

STEPHEN EASTON, 46, Iron Miner.
Margaret his wife, 45.
John, 19, Ironsone Miner.
Stephen, 11, scholar.
Kate 4.
All born in Guisborough.
Resident at 2 Robin’s Barn.

ROBERT EASTON, 37, Ironstone Miner, born Guisbro’
Hannah his wife, 36, born in Stockton, Durham
Catherine, 13, born in Middlesbrough.
William, scholar, 7.
Jane 5, scholar.
Margaret, 3.
Mary E, 1 year.
All 4 born in Guisborough.

MARY E EASTON, 15, born in Guisborough, a domestic servant in household of John Baines, Flour etc dealer, at 10 Westgate Road

From Danby Parish Registers. These are printed – 1585 to 1812.
Guisborough Branch Ref. Library

1768, 7th August
Baptism of Betty, daughter of Ralph Easton of Guisborough

1794, 28th November
Marriage of Thomas Dowson of Danby and Ann Easton of Guisborough.
By Licence. Ceremony by D Duck.

1861 Census—a coincidence!
Both Jane and Mary were born at Goldsborough on the east coast.
Jane Easton, 12, nurse in the family of John and Dorothy Harrison at the Cock Hotel, Market Place, Guisborough.
Mary Easton, 19, general servant, in household of William Robinson, a tailor, also in the Market Place

Tutor’s notes, typed:
JONATHAN ATKINSON of Glaisdale is described in Bulmer’s 1890 Directory of N & E Ridings of Yorks. As “School Attendance Officer, Parish Clerk and Newsagent, Glaisdale End”
The other Jonathan given by you is presumably his son.
You will have to follow up your research at the County Record Office at County Hall, Northallerton, going through the Parish Registers, and also the 1881 Census.
Re WILLIAM CORDEY: I suggest you consult the Eston Parish Registers at the Cleveland County Record Office in Middlesbrough, also the 1861 and 1871, 1881 Census Returns there.

WDB, handwritten: The above relates to a friend of Mr. Easton.

JAMES EDWARD EASTON, Guisborough, Born 1886. Died 1940.
ALICE MARY BLOWMAN. Born 1889. Died 1979.
Marriage 1913, St Nicholas Church, Guisborough.
Nora Mary Easton, born 22 Nov 1915
James Edward Easton, 18 Feb 1917. Died 1933.
Wm Claude Easton, born 14 March, 1919
Robert Allen, born 9 July, 1925

James Easton, father, born in Guisborough, had two brothers – Robert and William, and three sisters, Pop, Meg and Ginny.
James worked at Guisborough Foundry.

Alice Mary Blowman, mother, born in Hull and lived in Beverley, Pickering, Whitby and Scarborough. Had three brothers – Scott, Alfred and Eric. Owned Marlborough Hotel, Scarborough

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  1. The photograph of Cruddas and Son, the man holding the horse is Harry Smith 1874 to1955, the young girl at the front is his daughter Rhoda Smith born 1899 and the boy is Alf Smith his son.