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Family names Patton to Wynne


An Inventory of the Goods, Cattle and chattels of Mary Patton widow, late of Gisbrough deced as they were apprized this 24th day of Aprill, by us whose names are hereunder written

Imprimis –
In ye fforehouse one table and a fframe one cupboard ten little pewter dishes four pewter candlesticks two flagons one dozen of spoons with some other little utensils of pewter, two chaires, two stools, two Reckons, two paire of tongs one paire of bellows, one spit and one smoothing iron
In ye Parlour one bedstead with bedding to it one chest and one Wood forme
In ye Buttery two kettles, two pans and one iron pott, one milkpale, six dishes, 12 trenchers, six wood bowles, 1 churne
In ye Chamber one bedstead with bedding to it, one Chest with Linnen in it, one spinnen Wheel, one tub
One Cow, one heifer, one yearling Stirk
The Tenant right of her housing and Ground,
Her Purse and Apparrell

Total: £35/15/-

The Appraizers Names –
Thos Spencer
Thomas Lincolne
George Hindson
T: Spencer junr
24 April 1696


Memorial to Anne Pullan, on wall of S aisle, Guisborough Parish Church.
Marble tablet - black surround.

More research required on Edward Pullan – occupation, dwelling house, family.

to the memory of
Wife of Edward Pullan Esqr
And Relict of the late
Dawson Esqr of Azzerley Hall
In this county
Who died January 24, 1838
Aged 42 years.
Also sacred
To the memory of
Edward Pullan Esqr Husband of the above Anne
Who departed this life August 20, 1839
Aged 32 years.”

? A cholera epidemic? Check. Azzerley? 2 Dawson’s in Ord’s List of Subscribers.

Burial Reg.
Anne Pullan, 42 yrs, of Guisborough buried 1.12.1838 ??? see above
Edward Pullan of Skelton buried 23.8.1839, 32 yrs

On May 12 1974 visited Whorlton Church. Interior of Church of Holy Cross in the village. (Old church was Church of Holy Rood and a ruin – save enclosure for effigy*)
A wall tablet to Charles Pullan, son of Richard and Ann Pullan, d. 2 Sept. 1824. Aged 19.

* The wooden effigy in the old church is packed with charcoal as a preservative. Shirley knight has seen this. 12.5.74.
There is a peephole in the door which is locked.

PULMAN Alexander
vide Fairfax Blakeborough.
“… a quaint man, a farrier”. “On the Guisborough market day he could always be found, because of the fact that he daubed his clothing with some peculiar and strong smelling drug, making his presence and whereabouts quickly known.”


Eliza PUNCHER, wife of William Puncher, second daughter of robert and Eliza PULMAN of Guisborough, born 25th December 1794.

Tablet in parish church. Future research – bapt entry 25 Dec 1794, d 1865. Notes re Pulman family. Were they married in S Nicolas? Wm Puncher – occupation?


Gravestones in churchyard (W end of yard, near E end of church)
(The churchyard was drastically “tidied up” by UDC in 1961 – some stones resited, some broken)

John Rigg, Jan 28, 1704, His will 24 Jan, see also his inventory.
William Rigg, June 25, 1718.
Robert Rigg, Mar Ye 11, 1699.
Cuthbert Rigg, March 1, 1723, 43 yrs.
John Rigg, May 16, 1761, 55 yrs.
Also: Thomas, son of John & Catherine Rigg, 1762, 4 yrs and 6 mths.

20 May 1727 – Baptism of Frances, daughter of Sam Sherwood, Toymaker, and Thomasine his wife.


Letter of 3 Feb. 1983. Thomas Simpson’s:
As far as we know unrelated. The only one with a link with Henry Cross is Thomas Simpson of Nunthorpe Hall, who was a warden of the Guisborough Grammar School and Almshouses. d. 7 Feb 1848. Buried old churchyard, Great Ayton, aged 62.
The other two Simpsons were – the Rev T.S. (d. 1836 aged 72) of Ebberston, who solemnised the wedding of Henry Cross, and a Thomas Simpson who was Vicar of Helmsley for 26 years.

Letter of 22 Feb. A Mr Thos. Weatherill a subscriber to Ord’s History of Cleveland. ‘A man with this name was a relative of the wife of Henry Cross.’ (Ord’s History pub. 1843 in parts, 1846 in vol. ) Sent him a list as attached (see below).

Letter of 20 June, RBS.‘ … of Thomas Simpson at Guisborough (ie. as Warden) and as Vicar of Ebberston is a pure coincidence.’

Burial of Robert Stokeld of Chaloner St. Age 5 hrs. 14 Novr 1883

Check –
Stokeld family – see a/c of prosecution of …
who was treasurer of a Friendly Society

Did Joseph Thorn Stokeld take over the printing business of …

*lived in Chaloner St. Did he use old ground floor and upper storey behind present GPO (soon to be relinquished 1990!!! – present privatisation mania!)

*was occupied in 1930s by Tommy Wilson who was a milk retailer while WB and EB lived in Walker’s Row

Court Clerk’s £11,000
Newspaper cutting, no date
Mr John Dinsdale Stokeld, of Stonecourt, Yearby, clerk to the magistrates at a number of courts in the Cleveland area, a governor of Guisborough Grammar School, a former secretary of Guisborough Cricket Club who died on May 3, left £11.653 (£11,395 net. Duty paid £681). Probate has been granted to his widow Mrs Ivie Stokeld, of the same address, and John A Askew, solicitor, of 4 West Terrace, Redcar.

1881 Census: Joseph Thorn Stokeld, 15 Chaloner Street, (hse), 30, Printer, Master employing 3 boys. Born Byers Green, Co Durham. Wife Isabel, 21, born Alston, Cumberland. (Son Henry born 1880. d ?)
Burial 10 Sept 1884 – Iasbel Stokeld, Chaloner St, Church Regs. – burial: Robert Stokeld of Chaloner St, Guisborough, age 5 hours, 14 Novr, 1883.

Alan Stokeld buried in the graveyard of St Gregory's Minster, Ryedale.


One Charles Trevor of London had a sister who married Ralph Disraeli (a connection prized by the family). First Trevor in Guisborough was Thomas Tudor Trevor (1816-1872). Lived at Pond Cottage, Whitby Lane. Said to have left £40,000. 2nd Earl of Zetland had a nephew Thomas Lawrence Yeoman of Whitby and got him the job of Clerk of the Peace on condition that he appointed Thomas Tudor Trevor to the post of Deputy Clerk to look after things for him. For sidelights on his character, see the story of Guisborough Mutual Improvement Society). Made money doing legal work for the new railways mid 19c. Charles Trevor (above) had a son William Charles Trevor (1843-1919). Attorney as per brass plate (in Guisborough Museum). Lived at Overbeck, Guisborough. So it looks as though his uncle was keeping it in the family. Deputy Clerk of the Peace 1872-1889. Subsequently C of p and also Clerk to NRCC. Also Clerk to Justices.
From the collection of photographs it will be seen that he had 2 sons and 2 daughters. One son Charles Tudor Trevor (1878-1938) was a solicitor with offices in the Town Hall and was Clerk to the Justices and to the Commissioners of Taxes. (John Stokeld got his job as Clerk to the Justices in 1938.) The other son Charles Arnold Trevor, one photo of him as a soldier in the RAMC 1914 War. No occupation known. Interested in watching trains on Hutton Lane junction line. The daughters Maude and Rose, like their brothers, did not marry. Connected with church and charitable activities*. Rose went to Sidmouth and died there. Left Daisy Armstrong (nee Ward) £500 and custody of her diaries and other personal papers and objects (with “for the Trevor corner in the Guisborough Museum” written on the packet). Maud died in her Church Square house. Estate about £20,000. Bequest of £1,000 to Parish Church. Had previously paid cost of erecting Lady Chapel in the church in memory of her parents. Font also a Trevor memorial (earlier), a poor piece. Lady Chapel subsequently dismantled and font placed on site! A new Lady Chapel erected in top of raised roof of Chaloner Vault which was sealed up after the Chaloner enclosed pew had been removed (see old photos). None of these changes the work of natives but of a new Rector and incomers on the PCC.

Rose appears as a nurse with WWI wounded,
on the extreme right, in a Chaloner Hall war hospital photo.

Thomas Tudor Trevor 1816-1872.
Deputy Clerk of the Peace 1849-1872.
Thomas Lawrence Yeoman (1819-1901) of Woodland family of Whitby and nephew to Thomas 2nd Earl of Zetland, “who is said to have given him the Clerkship on condition that he appointed Thomas Tudor Trevor to look after things for him as Deputy.” Said to have been worth £40,000. In on the ground floor: railway development – Bills through Parliament/ironstone development and land/plus his income from other work as an Attorney. Lived at Priory Cottage.

William Charles Trevor 1843-1919
of Overbeck, Stokesley Road, Guisborough. Deputy Clerk of Peace 1872-1889. Clerk of Peace of the NR County Council 1898-1915. Clerk to Justices Langbaurgh East Division 1872-1903. Nephew to TTT. WCT was son of Charles Trevor Controller of Legacy and Succession Duties, Somerset Hse, and of his wife Olivia (née Lindo). His sister Katherine married Ralph Disraeli. Had a chauffeur before 1914. Recall him as a ponderous pedestrian.. Had 2 sons and 2 daughters, all remained single. Son Charles, a solicitor, and a son Arnold William said to have spent his time watching trains. 2 daughters Rose and Maude. Rose was an ardent supporter of the church and was responsible for distribution of the Parish Magazine. I remember Rector Mackie saying he never enquired about the financial side of the magazine, implying that Miss Rose Trevor subsidised it. Her sister was also a regular worshipper at S. Nicholas. After Maude Trevor died some of her effects showed that the family had travelled abroad frequently. Rose Trevor left Guisborough and resided at Sidmouth. She died on ? and bequeathed £500 to Mrs A Armstrong (née Daisy Ward) and a box from a Stokesley solicitor containing old photos and a collection of shells collected by her brother Charles whilst he was serving in the Forces in Palestine – First World War. Rose left a diary for this period and it was notable for her unawareness of the hardship of everyday life. Also attempts at poetry. (Two women isolated by their upbringing!)

The fate of their Memorials. Three memorials, two in the church and a grave-cover* in the churchyard relate to the family. The first, the font, has survived two removals. Installed in 1872 (an unfortunate design) it was in the south aisle at the west end. At the 1904 restoration it was removed to the north aisle, west end, and in the 1960s to its present site at the east end of the north aisle. One of the defects of the church furnishings is the absence of an ancient font, usually a reliable source of antiquity.
The removal in 1872 of the Trevor font to the east end of he north aisle caused the dismembering of the Trevor Memorial Chapel, erected in 1952. (see above). The woodwork was used to form a sacristy and the memorial inscription, originally outside he chapel, was created at the east end of the south aisle, with two memorial windows providing a setting – one to the second Baron Gisbrough and the older window to a son of the first Baron.
To cap it all, the complete overhaul of the organ turned the sacristy into a storeroom – this in 1983! So the plaque in blue lettering (transcribed above) and the surrounding screen are the ...

*The gravestone in the churchyard has been displaced and vandalised, the marble corner pieces been thrown over the wall into the priory grounds. three of these pieces are among the debris of priory stones to the SE of the E Window.

(The Clerks of the Counties 1360-1900, by Sir Edgar Stephens. 1961. p 188)

see Guisborough Before 1900 p 153: TTT’s vendetta against Geo. Lowe; also p 229 re his prevention of Mutual Improvement Society meeting in the Town Hall. His Sunday post was delivered to his pew at Matins!

Newspaper cutting: £1,000 left to church at Guisborough. An estate of £18,017 (£17,788 net; duty paid £2,048) was left by Miss Maude Trevor, of 50, Church Square, Guisborough, who died on April 25. Among other bequests she left £200 to Maude E Best, of Old Pinchinthorpe Cottage, Guisborough; £1,000 to the Parochial Church Council of Guisborough; £100 to Dr Thomas A Pratt, of Guisborough; £100 to Rev Cecil Morrison of Guisborough; and £50 “to my bank manager” Mr S Forrest of Guisborough. The residue is equally divided between Millicent M Huxley and Lawrence G Appleby. Probate has been granted to Lawrence G Appleby and Donald Matthews, solicitors, both of Stokesley.


1873, 12 November: Ann, wife of Mr George Venables of London, buried.
Check for marriage.

1785, 11 Augutst – Roger Sanders, glazier, and Ann Corney, both of this parish, married in the presence of George Venables and Mary Venables.
Had GV married again? Any connection with Corney family?

GV’s first visit to Guisbrough – vide his prospectus for his school – ‘some important business having called me …’

Churchwardens A/cs. Jan. 18, 1856 – Wm Brice, Bill for Mrs Venables’ headstone - £2/15/6
Check Gents Mag. Sept. 1814


1841 Census
Wm Weatherill, 30, Solicitor
Anne W, 25
Margaret W, 6
Anne W, 4
William, 3
Helen, 9mths

1823 Baines’ Directory of N Yks
Thomas Weatherill, Gent, Westgate
1831 Guisborough Parish Registers
Baptism of Thomas, son of Thomas and Margaret Weatherill
1841 Census – TW, 30, Brewer, Market Place. Born at Marske.
1841 Census – Thomas Weatherill, 70, Farmer, Church St. His wife Esther, 60
1851 Census – TW, 42 (sic), Master Brewer and Spirit Merchant, employing 23 men, Northoutgate. Born Marske.
Margaret his wife, 35, born at Wilton.
Children – Anne 10, Kate 8, William 6, Herbert T 2.
Also resident: Elizabeth Weatherill, sister to Thomas, 39. Born Marske. (in 1861 Census, William omitted) Also in 1861 Census, Elizabeth is “Postmistress”.
1890 Bulmer’s Directory of N Riding of Yks – Mrs Margaret Weatherill of Sunnyfield House.
1851 Census–TW, 81, Retired Farmer, Church St, born at Tocketts. Esther 78? Born in Hinderwell

In our churchyard there is a gravestone “In Memory of Elizth Weatherill, died Sept. the 29th 1792
Aged 49 Years. Wife of Thomas. (Stone somewhat weathered)

Also William Weatherill, 30, Solicitor (1841 Census)
and Baptism of Margaret Elizabeth, daughter of William and Ann Weatherill, Solicitor, 2 April 1835. (No. 1286 Guis Parish Reg)
See also “The People’s History f Cleveland” by GM Tweddell, Stokesley, 1872.
M’bro Ref. Lib. Ch. 9/51077.

WINTER Thomas - Tontine (Cleveland)

WYNN Anthony, Middlesbrough 1830-40 witness
son John Wm 31 in 1871


Will of Richard Wynne of Gisborough. April 19, 1652

Alchin 409. Yks. Arch. Assn. Record Series Vol IX. 1890
NR Cty Library. Y942.74. Abstract of Yks Wills. 165-66

To be buried in Church of Guisborough as near as the burying place of my children as conveniently may be. To beloved wife Ann several messuages, closes, 7c. on trust to pay –

£700 to eldest son Richard when he shall have served his apprenticeship and be made a Freeman of the City of London or at 25.

Arthur second son – for as much as I have already beene at great charges placeing him in a convenient way of living and he hath soe misguided himselfe that I have lost all the charge I have been at with him, £20.

John third son £100 (conditions as for Richard).
James fourth son £100 at 23.
Bryan fifth son £100 at 23.
Robert sixth son £100 at 21.
Anne eldest daughter £5 in addition to settlement.
Elizabeth, second daughter (wife of Theophilus Ffurbisher) in addition to £100 already had, 40/-. Her sons Martin and Theophilus 20s. each.
Margaret third daughter £100 at 21.
Dorothy fourth daughter £100 at 21.
To poor of Gisborough £10.
Two Supervisors 40s. each:
Good friend and near kinsman John Turner of Kirkleatham Esq.
Robt. Coulthurst of Upleatham Gent. My brother-in-law.

*Depositions at Guisborough 13.1.1624. (age 31)
Note London connections – Wynne and Turner – alum

*All wills between 1652-1560 proved in London.
Re-opening of Courts at York October 1660. YAS. Rec. Series Vol. LIX.

Jeffrey’s Map 1771 shows Winn Hall near Upleatham. Any connection?

1841 Census: (Church St)
Joseph Wynn, 45, Stone Mason
Mary his wife, 45
Joseph, son, 15, Joiner’s Apprentice
Margaret, daughter, 15
William, son, 12
Elizabeth, daughter, 8
All born in Yorkshire
1851 Census
Joseph Wynn, 58, Red Lion Inn, Mason and Innkeeper, born in Guisborough.
Red Lion in Church St. now premises of the Yorkshire Bank.
Note 1861 Census Return: 6 houses in Wynn’s Buildings

Wynne Family – Baptisms
Guisborough Parish Register

276/9 January 1818
Thomas, son of Joseph and Mary Winn, Guisbrough, Mason.
404/6 February 1820
Mary, daughter of Joseph and Mary Wynne, Stone Mason
514/10 Novr. 1821
Joseph, son of Joseph and Mary Winn, Stonemason
640/4 Novr. 1823
Margaret, daughter of Joseph and Mary Winn, Stonemason
760/4 Decr. 1825
Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph and Mary Winn, Stonemason
899/27 March 1828
William, son of Joseph and Mary Winn.

Wynn’s Yard, off Redcar Road. The Priory and the Privvies (Photo WDB)
Now upstaged to Wynn’s Garth.

Likewise altered: Scarth’s Yard to Greear Garth (bottom end of Westgate)

The prime example of updating was the London touch when development took place beyond Stump Cross – West End, Park Lane, Grosvenor Square!

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