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UDC 1910 - Plan for proposed new room in Kirtley's Yard for Tom Pallister - was this the old Priory Hall, sometime a cinema, and later destroyed by fire?

Bramley's Yard - not thought to be officially used.

Adcock’s Yd – next to Black Swan. Also a candle factory.

Allen’s Yd – NR Record Office – 1833 – List of persons entitled to vote at election of 2 Knights of Shire. vide Barry Harrison.

Bird’s Yd – Demolished 196?. Top storey in brick with date. Ground floor stone.

Burrow's Yard - In 1881 Census. Plus Johnson's Yd?

9 houses in Burrow’s Yd

4 in Bolton’s Yd (a Porteous residing there)

(‘Porteous’ never Bolton’s Yd!)

vide old Jack Richardson the painter.

Foster’s Yd – also called Clarke’s Yd after the licensee of the Chaloner Inn adjoining.

In Northgate. Quoit Club on this site now. The Old Theatre was in this area too.

Hardy's Yd

Hutton’s Yd – also called Lodging House Yd from common lodging house fronting the entrance to the Yd. Ex Brit. Leg. Club/cum Boyes shop now on site.

Johnson’s Yd – also called Burrows Yd – 9 houses 1881.

Kirtley’s Yd – old Priory Hall? UDC plan 1910.

Moore’s Yd – Belmangate, also called Grout’s Yd from licensee of Anchor Inn nearby.

Merryweather's Yd

Mallaby's Yd

Metcalfe’s Yd 1855

Mermaid Yd (off Bakehouse Square)

Old Chapel Yd

Porteous Yd – also known as Bolton’s Yd.

Poynter’s Yd – also called Page’s Yd. 9 houses in 1881.

Parker's Yd

Rodham's Yd

Scaife’s Yd – off Dragon Inn passage

Scarth’s Yd – now Greear Garth

Wiley's Yd

Wynn's Yd

YARDS—names which have disappeared

NR Rec. Office ‘List of Persons entitled to vote at election of 2 Knights of Shire’ Allen’s Yard 1833

Rodham's 1854




Foster's (off Northgate)

Clarke’s Inn Yd – p213 ‘Guis. Before 1900’

Poynter’s Yard (Now No. Westgate on E side of passage, and No. Westgate on W side. 1861 Census – 8 houses.

Porteous' Yard (Bolton’s Yd) see old photos of thatched cottages, Highcliff View.

Old Chapel Yard (now between No. and No. Westgate.

1861 Census 15 houses incl Lodging house. In Lodging house: man/wife and 17 lodgers – surely using more than one single cottage ?

Hutton’s Yard (scheduled for demolition 1960) also called

Lodging House Yard. After demolition British legion Club erected on site. After BL Club foundered financially Boyes store next door on E bought the Club. 1983/4 this site set back from adjoining properties. 1861 Census 7 houses.

Scarth’s Yard (now upstaged to Greear Garth) between No. and No. Westgate, E of Wilson St.

Johnson’s Yard – slum property scheduled for demolition 1960 (1861 Census 8 houses also called Burrows Yd. There was a Burrows, joiner and wheelwright there in 1900) 1988 – a carpet warehouse. Johnson’s Yd an example of very bad or devious planning; should have been demolished, but allowed to be turned into lock-up garages and decay.

Parker’s/Metcalf’s Yard – 1861, 3 houses

Kirtley’s Yard 1910 – Plan for a room there for Tom Pallister, a confectioner at No. Westgate. Was this the “Priory Hall”?

Bird’s Yard – 15 houses (10 in Yard, rest in Westgate frontage)

Wiley’s Yard – adjoining Martin’s Newsagency on West and cottages stood on a site now Hinton’s Supermarket: slum property. Tap outside!

Hardy’s Yard – between Black Swan and No. Westgate leading to houses now demolished.

Dragon Passage – also called Scaife’s Yd. 1854. After 1960 redeveloped. (Dragon derived from 19th c pub George and Dragon)

Moore’s Yard – off W side of Belmangate. (Grout’s Yd ? Grouts had Anchor pub nearby.) 1861 Census 15 houses. Slum property demolished 1960s)

Merryweather’s Yard. Slum property demolished 1960s. Dr Merryweather’s plans for 8 cotts subject to demolition of old buildings (Bd of Health Vol I, 25/11/1871 – get a copy).

Adcocks ?

Throstle’s Nest, corner off Church Street:

from Kirkleatham Regs. (printed) 1789-94

Robert Frankland, Clerk of Guisbro, and Elizabeth Thrush, Licence, 24 Sep, 1791.

A Thrush was ‘Register’

Yard back of 81 and 83 Westgate

Adcock's Yard

3 views of Hutton's Yard


3 views of Bird's Yard, S side, note ground floor stone, 1st storey brick.

Pavement leading to S side of Westgate

4 views of Johnson's Yard, N side of Westgate, bounded on the west by Registrar's Office and County Library.

Scarth's Yard Looking towards Westgate House

Wiley's Yard 1 (Nos 21 & 23 Westgate)

So called because the Wiley family lived there for many years. In the 1850s the family had a carrier's round, travelling twice each week to Whitby and Middlesbrough. Very handy premises for stabling, storage and carts of hay, but obviously unsuitable for human habitation in the 1950s. Miss Maggie Wiley was the last occupier, leaving in the late 1950s. As a young woman did her share of humping coal. Such yards were the products of 19th century tradesmen-developers who turned their yards into rentbooks. Wiley's Yard was one of the better ones - it did get some sun, and was not the work of a jerry-builder. Demolished, along with the Empire Cinema and Billiard Room at the rear of the Mechanics' Institute March 1976.

Wynn’s Yard (back of E side Redcar Rd, nr entrance to Pursglove College)

The Priory and the Privies, Photo: WD Brelstaff


  1. Find your blog very interesting as I am related to the Grout of Anchor Inn and the Porteous of Porteous Yard.
    I have the book referred to History and Antiquities of Cleveland by John Walker Ord, this is an original leather bound printed 1846

  2. I have found Adcock's yard in the 1881 census as being between 139 and 141 Westgate which is two doors away from the Ship Inn and not the Black Swan as indicated in this document