Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Park Farm

Park Farm untenanted in the 1960s. Demolished 1970

NW angle. Note unusual flues, fourth flue tacked on.

N face. Window moulding. Broken stonework flanking the head of the window (and a staircase inside) suggests a porchway and entrance at one time.

W end. Hall and farm buildings. From this viewpoint there is an excellent outlook to the coast and the sea.

Farm outbuildings: windows of domestic dwelling blocked up.

N side. Rear of Hall.

Front door. The upper of two gardens. The lower with a fine view of the Cleveland Hills.

SW aspect.

Pigs and facade. A house much altered as shown by the windows. The interior drastically partitioned.

Two drawings by ECB. Marked on Ogilby's map of 1698 as residence of "Sr William Chaloner".


  1. ECB = Elizabeth Clare Brelstaff

  2. My grand mother grew up here, we still visit now and then. Some modern photos are here