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Polling Day 24 Jan 1882
vide ‘Whitby Gazette’

Dawnay 8135; Rowlanson 7749: maj 386
A criticism by Mr Fawcett – state of Guisborough on day of poll. (Criticism not brought forward on political grounds)? – from 10am to close of poll would-be voters were assaulted – yellow ochre, ‘blue’, soot and other articles thrown to prevent them going to vote. Sergt Clarkson, a shrewd man, agreed there was a disturbance, but ‘did not see anyone urge on disturbance’. (A wise man ‘to walk in the middle of the road’!) Slogan on Rowlandson’s conveyances – ‘Vote for Rowlandson – the Ballot Protects You’. Guisborough 500 voters. Stokesley 639. Middlesbrough 1207. 1866 the date of he previous election.

Guisborough Grand National
Election Squib April 6th 1914


BATTERBEE Funk, by Perseverance – Try Again (Shufflebottom)
BUCKWORTH Road Making, by Pastebrush – Bellringer (Johnny Walker)
LITTLE Laundry, by Froth – Soap Suds (Sparerib)
MAYHEW Silence, by Support – Dividend (Speechless)
NICHOLSON Lead Poisoning, by Plumbo – Urine (Bensoil)
PROCTOR Salesman, by Objection – Cottage Homes (Down-it)
SCOTT Common Sense, by Caution – Experience (Farmer)
SPENCER Hoblifter, by John Barleycorn – Clay Ends (Tailor)
THOMPSON Sanitation, by Steady – Sobersides (Providence)
WATSON Tap Droppings, by Plug – Bunghole (Sadler)

3 to 1 on Common Sense, Evens Salesman, 5 to 1 Laundry and Sanitation, 6 to 1 Funk and Silence, 20 to 1 Lead Poisoning, 50 to 1 Tap Droppings, and £1000 to a pinch of snuff Hoblifter.


The barrier ascended to a good start. Nicholson jumped off with a clear lead of fourteen days on Lead Poisoning, followed by Spencer on Hoblifter, with the remainder in a heap. Passing the Reservoir, owing to the inefficient light, Nicholson fell in, but immediately emerged, covered with Plumbo Solvency, and remounted, the remainder safely negotiating this awkward corner. The race continued without further mishap until arriving at the West Fence, when Little on Laundry had some difficulty in negotiating it owing to 3’-9” barrier of ironmongery. On passing the Cottage Homes Proctor’s Salesman began to kick with disgust and was passed by Spencer on Hoblifter, who made all the running as far as the Town Hall, where he swerved at the public in-convenience and was thrown amongst the ashes. He was, by the aid of a handful of clay, securely remounted and, although having lost several lengths, he caught the leaders before they arrived at HIS shipyard. Buckworth on Road Making now took up the running, but on arriving at Belmangate he lost several lengths through the going being treacherous, owing to the Council failing to adopt his suggestions with regard to ashes. Mayhew on Silence, sitting quietly, also found himself in similar difficulties on arriving outside the 2/6 (in the £1) Stand. Watson on Tap Droppings now took up the running, having safely negotiated the water jump, came along like an electric flash until he arrived at the workmen’s dwellings, where he was passed by Thompson on Sanitation, who continued to make the running up the Sewerage Overflow, followed by Batterbee on Funk, who has been out of training for a long time, seemed in doubt which was the proper course take. Scott on Common Sense, who had been keeping his mount in check, now began to draw ahead, followed by Proctor on Salesman, and drawing clear away they passed the Ballot Box several lengths in front of the remainder, who finished in a heap, with the exception of Hoblifter, who was tailed off.

Printed and published by J. Gould & Sons, South Street, Middlesbrough.
Election Address by one of the runners.

A family man, too.

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