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Ralph Jackson's Journal. JOURNAL I. 1762. Middlesbrough Ref. Lib.

Page 16 – all went to Mr. Chaloner's “Park House” RJ’s mother's coachman an ex-employee of Mrs. Chaloner .

36 - paying a fine on the Factory House, Yard and High Freeledge; Jones's, alias, low Freeledge; and Postgate of West Freeledge in the town of Guisbrough.

37 - with other JP's met at Cock to grant licences to Alehouses, and hear Appeals on account of Window Tax. (His tenants, some of whom claimed to be "poor cottagers" £15 p.a. rent for their house, "yet as they each had a cow could not properly be called paupers". Good calves 5/6 mths old sold for only 10/- to 12/- apiece. September: high wind "many thatched houses greatly damaged", chimneys and haystacks blown down. Repairs to his Mother's chariot.
RJ alters his "sellar". Frequently out with greyhounds after hares.

57 - Old Thomas Postgate, an inhabitant of Guisbrough Hospital dying this morning I rode to Pinchinthorpe to Mr. Lee's (nominator for vacancies at the Almshouses attached to the Pursglove Grammar School in Guisbrough) asked for place for old Robert Barry (now near 97 years old. Old Wm. Unthank there before RJ: Competition to get a place in the almshouse and enjoy a small pension too. Gentry valued it as a means of' pensioning old employees.

December: A company of Cleveland Militia came from Bedale.
Exercising in Market Place. 3 officers and 60 men.

Mr. William Jackson, sr. walked to Skelton with my ambulator, distance from Guisbrough Market Place to Skelton Castle 3 and five-eighths miles.

RALPH WARD JACKSON'S DIARY - Journal K. Middlesbrough Ref.Library

1764 8 Jan. 'being the 2nd Sunday in the Month, no Divine Service was done here, Mr.Hide always doing Duty at Upleatham Chapel1...and that day is called the Silent or Dumb Sunday
at Gisbro.

20 Jan. I sent Jack to Jas.Wilson and I rode to Wm.Calvert's myself to know if they would accept the office of Surveyor,* Mr.Proddy had already declared he would officiate, so that now only Mr.Richard Forster Attorney Mr.Chaloner's Steward refused on acct of his Profession, so I took the Constable Thos. Nateby with me and we served him at the sign of the Cock with the Warrant, signed and sealed by Messrs David Burton and Roger Beckwith...he returned the warrant to the Constable and said he wou'd not do the office of Surveyor, notwithstanding the above appointment, unless Mrs.Chaloner insisted upon it, if she did so he would officiate.

22 Feb. I rode with Thos. Preswick to Staithes in order to receive Profits of Jno Galilee for the (Pink) Mary and Jane.

13 Mar. Mr.Harrison and I rode to Boulby, dined with Mr.Wardell, Jno Galilee (whom I sent for to Staithes) came up and I received of him £9 19s.lO½d. for my 1/32nd .part of the profits of the Ship Mary & Jane and also recd for Thos. Preswick.twice that sum for his 1/16th part of the said Ship and signed the Ship's Book for both of us.

16 Mar. Thos. Preswick and I walked into the Ground where Jack and ten women are scaling Mole Hills.

27 Mar. I came home (after being at Normanby) and entr'd in the School Book eight Children in lieu of the same number gone out at 9 years old, the School Dame (Margery Wright) dined with us.

30 Mar. Mr. Wilson also sent his two draught Mairs which with my Mother's two horses carried her and Molly Hutchinson to Ayton in an hour and 20 minutes thro' very bad roads.

1770, 2nd May "I had four Carts loaded at Gisbro, and after supping a bason of Broth at Thos. Preswick's (about two) took my leave as an inhabitant of Gisbro and with my four servants John Peirson, George Kirtley, Sarah Child and Jane Lindsley came to Normanby".

Ward Jackson Journals
Vol H/I. 1 Jan to 3 June 1829.
Vol J. 20 June 1830 to 31 July 1832.

“Tuesday 3rd February 1829. Thawing. 11am in Phoenix Newcastle coach to Leeds 4 hours… with Corbett, the Maid Servant, outside.”
On their way to London – 4 inside. N/castle to London at £4/5/- and 1 outside at £2/5/-. By the Buckingham coach.

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