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Bazaar 1904 Opening the Bazaar, 9th August. The “restoration” of the Parish Church of St Nicholas Guisborough imposed a heavy burden on the parishioners and a popular source of income was the bazaar. Colonel Chaloner the new Lord of the Manor is on the platform, with the new Rector, the Rev. AN Thomas, by his side.
The second picture shows a lull in the proceedings and the third children presenting flowers.
The Bazaar booklet shows that no-one wished to hide their light under a bushel! One name does not appear in it – that of the rector who followed Mr Thomas when he went to Australia to put on his mitre as the Bishop of Adelaide. His successor, the Rev GH Cobham, had the task of raising sufficient money to pay off the outstanding debt.

Empire Cinema
Chaloner St, erected ? Closed ? on site of Richard Ord’s tannery. When tannery closed, was a laundry. Laundry then moved to new premises in Northgate. In this picture Cecil B de Mille presents The Volga Boatmen, 1926. "Clarke & Watson, Land Agents" notice in the window.

Oscar Wilde at Oddfellow’s Hall, Middlesbrough.
Middlesbrough & Cleveland Advertiser, 1 December 1884

(Lecture 29 Novr.) His personal impressions of America.
Spoke fluently without notes for 1¾ hours.

“..... his appearance on the platform excited considerable astonishment, a first impression being that a female in male attire was before the audience, whose age was about 28 years, of tall stature, finely proportioned, dark, swarthy, clean-shaved visage, with perfectly formed features, and masses of black unparted hair; evening attire, poetically turned up cuffs and salmon coloured silk handkerchief, watch in trousers fob and old-fashioned seal pendant.”

Priory Silver Band – c 1904, vide Parish Magazine

Many successes – 10 firsts, 2 seconds, 1 third, 1 fourth, 1 cup, 13 medals and 4 certificates, out of 12 concerts.

Priory Band at Spring Cottages

Photo taken at 2 Spring Cottages, top of Sparrow Lane, near Belmont Mine.
Evidence of overhead transport of shale.

Names from Frank Cowan (Aged 91, June 1989)

Back row:
1 ? 2 Jarrow Mann Soprano cornet. 3 Tommy Hunter Cornet. 4 Mr Beadle. 5 Mr Eccles. 6 Edwin Shaw. 7 Tot Ruddock. 8 Young Rayner. 9 ?

Middle row:
10 Mr Chisman. 11 Dave Clements. 12 Chuck Mason. 13 Billy Barnbrook. 14 Mr Williams. 15 Tommy Hunter (2 of them?). 16 Tittler Goodchild. 17 George Richardson. 18 ? 19 Will Allinson.

Front row:
20 Adam Rayner. 21 Norman Clayton. 22 Mr Tansley. 23 Mr Hassock. 24 Mr Jim Hunter. 25 Mr Stephenson Mines Manager. 26 ? Committee Member (No instrument). 27 Jones. 28 Tot Allinson.

Miss B Allinson of 11 Cleveland St. gave me this photo and this sheet. I introduced her to Frank Cowan, aged 91, who identified many bandsmen, and I took her to Spring Cottages, near Belmont Mine, where Maurice Watson welcomed us and told us to go into his garden where the photo was taken.
WDB. May/June 1989

Guisborough Hall Football Team 1905

Back row, l to r
Harry Davies (Referee), Harry Taylor, Joe Roberts, Benny Smith (Joiner), Robert Taylor (Estate Policeman), Pennock (Labr), Rbt Legg (Head Gardener)

Middle, l to r
Fred Calvert, Jack Brelstaff (“Dummy”- Deaf & dumb), Geo Watson (Foreman Gardener), Ralph Calvert, Fred Young (Mason), Tom Taylor

Front, l to r
Bill Roberts (Water Co.), Joe ? (Footman), JS Campbell, Jim Calvert, Billy Byers, ??

The Squad

North Riding Police Team, April 1912

Domino Champions

Guisborough Enfield Cycling Club
Cycling Club at Egton Bridge

Quoits Champion

Cricket Club

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  1. The names below the photo 'Guisborough Hall Football Team 1905' refer not to that photo but to the one below ('The Squad').