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Table from Graves' History of Cleveland p 437
1801. Govt. Census: State of Population

1841 Census on microfilm
at Redcar Ref. Library

No. 1255, 1 – end (HO 107) – Brotton, Skiningrove, Guisborough, Kirkleatham,

Ormesby, Middlesbrough – No. 1258 - 1- end

1255 and 1258 all on one spool

1256, 1 – end (HO 107) Loftus, Marske, Redcar, Skelton, Upleatham

Commondale and other places such as Liverton, etc, are included on the areas bordering the place mentioned above.

Farms Belmangate: Wm Potter, 40, John Potter, 35, Robert 30, all farmers. Mary Gr---wood 15. Mary Minnikin, female servant. Ann Bolton female servant.

Also in Belmangate – John Wood/ Wm Pollard/ John Calvert/ Thomas Mills.

Newstead built?

1851 Census: Richard ORD, born Brawith, Knayton, 68. Tanner. Master employing 4 men, Currier master employing 13 men, Farmer employing 5 labourers. Ann his wife, born Marton, 70. Son Charles Ovington, Attorney-at-Law, 35, born Guisbrough. Grand-daughter Elizabeth Mary Poynter, 9, scholar, born Leeds. Servant Sarah Johnson, born Coatham, 24. Next house the Mermaid. House before RO’s Dinah Anderson, Annuitant, born Marton, 50. Ellen Anderson at home, born Guisbrough, 14.

1861 Census
Moores Yd         15

Cleveland Place 10

Belmangate 46

Wynn’s Bldgs 6

Walker’s Bldgs 37-39

1881 Census
JD  49  1881  wife  Rececca   dau. Emma

WD 39 1881 wife Charlotte dau. Emma

South side of Westgate

73 Westgate (now 1984 Guisborough Co-operative Society):
William Williamson, 53, born Heighington, Co Durham.Club Manager, Joseph Whitwell Pease’s Working Men’s Club. His wife Margaret, 44, born Witton-le-Wear.

JW Clarke, 39. Wife Marjorie J. 24. Check Par. Rgs. for M’s surname (if married here).

North side of Westgate

William Snow, 36. Manager of Co-operative Society, 181 and 179 Westgate.
Wife Elizabeth, 41. Plus 5 children.

John Burdon, 30, 45 Westgate. Twine Merchant, born Chipping Norton, Oxon. Wife Mary, born Guisborough, 23. This was next door to Campion the Ropemaker, No 47.

Paradise (Belmont near old mine) – top of Sparrow Lane – now Silverton Rd.
1881 Thomas DALE, 40 yrs old, farmer of 238 acres.

1981 Census: Wards -
Hutton 4015
Belmont 8928
Guisbro’ 6978

Check Sun Inn again. re Billiard Rooms: MH Dale in Mkt Place (also given as a blacksmith). As a publican at the ‘Sun’ Mkt Pl. The other room at John Watson’s Mkt Pl (Buck Hotel).

Baines’ Directory 1823 – Vol II, pp 444/448

There were 4 libraries in Guisborough: 1 was a subscription library and 3 were circulating libraries.
5 ropemakers in the town: we know of 2 locations of long alleys where ropes were made: one behind premises on the south side of Westgate (adjacent to present shop of Fairburns’ motor accessories). There is an old postcard showing a cop of rope above the doorway of the shop. Campion was the name of the last ropemaker. It is said that there was a rope ‘run’ at the rear of what is now Pursglove Terrace in Redcar road.

From 1881 Census Return.

92 Westgate Tomlinson
92½ Westgate William Charlton, mining engineer (did he occupy half the passage house still in use now (1985))
96 Westgate Galloway (later Emily’s Grandfather lived there) “The Lower Garth”

Does this mean that No 94 occupied by one Thomson is the present West Garth – upstyled by presumably Mrs Charlton?

Further down , No 148 was occupied by Willam Carr, Head schoolmaster and his wife. WC 67 yrs. Wife Sarah 66 yrs. Did the Atkinsons follow them and later the Brelstaffs? Now Flower’s ladies and gents hairdressing, currently (Jan/Feb 1985) being advertised for sale.

At 140 Westgate, Wm and Mary Ditchburn. Wm a joiner age 34. Mary 31. I can remember calling there to join Tommy Ditchburn on our way to Northgate School – 1910/1911/1912??? Mary also omitted the name William – just an acid ‘Ditchburn’ – was it for something unforgiven? Sissie (as in Census) was 2 years old. Brother Herbert 3 months. Cissy very strong spectacles – magnified eyes. Later marriages. Herbert bald – first knowledge of a wig. (30 yrs on from 1881).

110 Westgate –

Tramp Lodging House. Thomas Unthank, lodging-house keeper and labourer at mines. 67 yrs old. Wife Sarah 58 yrs. Among the lodgers a travelling musician from Donegal. A tobacco spinner from Leeds. 22 male lodgers and 5 female on the night of the census.
The Ruddock family lived here for many years, and within the last three or four years purchased and renovated by Sandilands. Say 1981/2.

Ironhouses. residents born in various places: Germany (a furnace keeper). 5 from Norfolk. 2 from Cambridgeshire. 1 from London. Also Lincs, Notts, Sussex. Dwellingssaid to have been surplus Army sale after the Crimean War? (Vide Miss Maude Trevor).

From Bulmer’s 1890 Directory: Charles Chapman, mineral water manufacturer, 39 Church St. Bottles with relief glass lettering and old fashioned spring stopper.

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