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Parish Church 3

Fonts, Pews and Glass

Old font in Priory grounds, from Guisborough Parish Church.
Drawing, 1970, by Clare Brelstaff.

Font erected to memory of Thomas Tudor Trevor in 1872. Typical of the period and a singularly unsuitable substitution for the old font which the churchwardens gave to Admiral Chaloner who placed it in the Priory gardens. The Trevor font shown here was in the SW corner originally, then moved to the position in the picture and moved again in the 1960s to its present site near the pulpit.
On the left is the stained glass window given by Sir Alfred Pease in memory of his first wife.

In the 1950s Miss Maude Trevor and her sister Rose gave a lady chapel as a family memorial. It was dismantled in the 1960s to make way for the transfer of the font, and used in the new lady chapel erected where the Chaloner Pew had formerly stood.

Pew rents and purchase.
Pew No. 90, bought by Robert Belt for £9 in 1791.
One way of raising money to help pay the cost of a ‘restoration’.

Old glass
A panel of old glass (detail) was taken from the east window at the 1904 restoration and inserted in the south-west window with other fragments of stained glass.

God the Supreme
Canon Dolphin's valiant attempts in proof form to condense "God the Supreme"

Guisborough Living

(Crockford 1956/7) net benefice income £1038. Parish Magazine 1902: "the incumbent since Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1539 styled legally Perpetual Curate. In 1866 under the District Tithes Act (1865) Guisborough was created a Rectory for ever. Act repealed in 1868." Not an Ecclesiastical Plum! He needed Kildale, Upleatham and his salary as Chaplain to Jesus Hospital. Also good harvests from his Kildale harvests.
Hildyard, Revd Christopher
S Nicholas Ch Mag 'Priority' July 1987

I find that in writing a note about the late Revd. Hildyard in last month’s Priority I have missed out the most interesting link between him and the parish today; namely that he was the artist of the portrait of our last Parish Clerk, John James Pybus, which hangs in the Memorial Chapel. The portrait was painted in 1928 while Revd. Hildyard was curate in Guisborough and remained in the possession of the Pybus family until the death of Jane Pybus (daughter of John James) in 1964, when, as a result of an earlier suggestion from Walter Brelstaff, the portrait was given to the church as a momento of Mr Pybus’ earlier association with Saint Nicholas – 45 years service as Parish Clerk. Revd. Hildyard was no mean artist, and is believed to have made portraits of a number of local people during his time here. His talents in art and drama were later exploited more fully during his time as a Minor Canon at Westminster through his involvement with the revision of the Liturgy and the development of ceremonial for important occasions in the church. After his move to Westminster he didn’t completely lose touch with Guisborough and visited the town on numerous occasions, the most recent one being in 1986.
Grace Dixon

Judas Candles – so-called gas candles used in the Parish Church choir stalls (on walls) + sham disciple. Dummy.

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