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Crosses and stones

Hob Cross
As in the case of Ruther Cross the word cross is probably a misomer. The initials RC are those of Robert Chaloner, Lord of the Manor in 1798. Hob is the name of the Cleveland Sprite who is connected with local legends.
It is situated at Tidkinhow Head (NZ61 65/13) Percy Cross, site of.
Boundary stone erected by Robert Chaloner on the site of Percy Cross.
In 1856 Captain Thomas Chaloner made a perambulation of his manor and his initials and the date were cut under the earlier initial RC.

Captain Chaloner succeeded to the estate in 1855, so he took his manorial duties seriously, giving due notice of the Perambulation, being accompanied on the day by his Steward, his Flag Bearer and other followers.

This stone was destroyed during the Second World War and formerly stood on Percy Rigg at the point where the Lounsdale Road branches off the Hutton-Kildale Road (NZ 61 61/12)

Stone with a leprous past (Evening Gazette - no date)

Mrs Vera Bulman looked at this piece of old stone standing on the side of Hutton Road, Guisborough, and said: “I doubt whether one person in fifty knows what it is. And I don’t think many people living on this Hutton Estate realise that the site was once an old leper colony.”
She pointed to the three-foot high Leper Stone which warned people visiting the unfortunates in the colony not to go any further. “They would then leave food and messages near it,” “
Mrs Bulman, mother of five boys and a daughter, and a former resident of Newton-under-Roseberry, feels that the stone is too vulnerable and might become the victim of vandalism. “It must be donkey’s years old,” she said. “And certainly it dates well back into the 13th century.”
The stone at present has only the small wooden fence erected by Guisborough UDC. Already it shows signs of damage. “And it will not last two minutes when the new school opens a bit further up the road,” said Mrs Bulman.

Only a legend? More likely to mark junction of road leading to Ruthergate (c. 13c).

Ruther Cross
from Ramblers’ Riding by A. Falconer.

“Ruther Cross helped the medieval traveller to take the correct turning up to the Percy Cross Road which linked the Bruce estates of Guisborough with Westerdale. Second cross, Percy Cross, marked where the road to Percy Manor house at Kildale left the Rigg road.”

See also Alfred Armstrong’s article on Ruthergate – Cleveland & Teesside Local History Society Bulletin.

Standing on Hutton Lane to the NW of the Council Housing Estate opposite to the Newstead County Infants School. (now Highcliff Primary 2003). This has been erroneously described as the boundary of a leper colony where food was deposited. To the S of the stone there is a well-defined “gate” or “way” leading towards the escarpment and the moors beyond. The name Rogergate appears in the Guisborough Priory Charters and Rechergate occurs in an agreement between the Prior and Richard of Hutton, c 1237, which defined the right of pasturage. So this could be a boundary stone to the “cattle way”. Further signs of antiquity occur in the discovery of Roman coins in “Rothergate”. See “The Romans in Cleveland” by F Elgee 1923.


Extract from Deed of August 1884 refers to a certain stone marked with the letters NT and S and placed 50 yards on the west side of a gate on the road leading from the said moor unto the said farm to a certain stone marked with the letters SK and G standing on a certain How or Hillock called Hob on the Hill on the Hill towards the west. (NR Record Office).

Above stone found in the Rectory grounds, 1966, and placed on the verge near the Foundry, on the opposite side of the road.
Handstone, top of the bank west out of Commondale, at the junction with the North Ings track.

Stump Cross
Evidence for existence of a Cross at Stump Cross
ZDU – North Riding County Archive Office.

item folio Langbaurgh Wapentake Court Rolls.

3 8 May 1621 Sandwathe

29 May 1621 At the Western exit from Gisburne, John Morley Steward

19 June 1621 At Deare Close noke

4 June 1622 John Morley Steward. Before suitors.. at the west end of

Gisburne at the Cross there.

131 36 17 Mar 1628/1629 (?) at Helm Cross in the lordship of Gisburne.

40 7 Apr 1629 at Wyndle Hill in the lordship of Gisburne

44 26 Apr 1629 Sandwath Lordp of GisburneMay

47 19 May 1629 At the Cross ...West end of Gisburne

51 9 June 1629 Deare Close newke ... lordship of Gisburne

132 33 8 June 1630 Cross W end Gisburn

36 29 June 1630 Deare Close newke .. etc.

133 32 10 May 1631 Sandwath

36 21 May 1631 Cross W end Gisn.

134 27 7 May 1632 Sandwath

28 29 May 1632 Cross W end of Gisborne

135 28 26 May 1635 Sandwath

28 16 June 1635 Cross W end of Guis.

29 7 July 1635 Dere Close Nooke

136 31 3 May 1636 Sandwath

33 24 May 1636 Cross W end of Gisn

35 14 June 1636 Dere Close Nooke

137 11 1637

138 32 28 Apr 1646 Sandwath

141 13 23 May 1648 Sandwath

16 13 June 1648 W end of Guisborough

4 July 1648 Deereclose

142 81 22 May 1649 W end of Guis.

144 80 16 May 1652 W end of Guis.

145 76 14 June 1653 W end of Guis.

146 41 13 June 1654 Court Baron adjourned to this date. W end of Guis.

147 23 23 May 1654 ‘West Gisbrough’

148 31 22 May 1655 W end of Gis.

149 21 do W end of Gis. (separate paper)

150 67 10 June 1656 W end of Gis.

151 28 do (draft roll)W end of Gis.

152 23 20 May 1657 W end of Guis.

153 25 24 May 1659 W end of Guis.

154 23 5 June 1660 W end of Guis.


1 July Langbaurgh at Deare Close Style. Ct Baron of Henry Marwood,

Bart. Chief Bailiff of the Liberty of Langh, there held by

adjournment at the mansion house of Ralph Burton in


155 8 June 1708 At Stump Crosse adjourned to Wilton.

26 June 1708 Deareclose Style. Ct Baron at the mansion house of

Ralph Burton in Guisborough.

12 June 1711 Stump Crosse. Ct Baron RB’s house at Guisborough.

14 June 1715 Stump Crosse

9 June 1719 Stump Crosse Ct Baron at John Walker’s house in Redcar

1719 Dear Close Style. Ct Baron

19 May 1747 Sandwath Ct Baron Thos Sanders’ house in Gisborough

9 June 1747 Stump Cross. T Sanders’ house as above

12 June 1770 Court Baron

11 June 1771 Stump Cross Ct Baron of Wm Marwood

11 June 1776 Stump Cross Ct Baron of Wm Marwood

10 June 1777 Stump Cross Ct Baron of Wm Marwood

ZJB. (3.1.64)
Guis. Grammar School & Hospital, 3 May 1710:
Ralph Burton,yeoman, witness to a lease to Mr Garth of Bolam.

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