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Parish Church 4

Monuments & Memorial tablets in S Nicholas Parish Church, Guisborough, Cleveland.


East window - Memorial to Admiral Chaloner – 1904 Restoration
SE window - Memorial to Richard Godolphin Hume Chaloner, killed in France 1917. Subscribed by tenants and friends.
SE window - Memorial inset of medieval glass from the priory to Lord Gisborough (2nd Baron) 1951
S aisle - William Ableson (an ironmonger) husband of Mary Harlin Ableson, died 1929. Their only son William James Christopher Ableson, killed in action 1918. Mary Harlin Ableson and her only grandson, James William Ableson, killed in action 1942. (End of family).
S aisle - Salkeld/Brown
S aisle - JE Watson window. See letter. Land agent. Scoutmaster. Nature lover. Close friend of Rector Mackie. Both bachelors. Installed 1972.
S aisle - OG Mackie, Rector of Parish Church 1922-27. A bachelor who died at a Mothers’ Meeting at Redcar.
SW aisle - Old glass in West window. A nice Doom picture, corpses coming out of their graves in shrouds, an old version of Stanley Spencer’s Cookham scene.

West window above porch
N aisle - Pease window 1910. To Dame Helen Pease. Pinchinthorpe.
N aisle - east end: Stainthorpe window – to Dr WW Stainthorpe and his wife. 1952 and 1947. By HJ Stammers.
N aisle - east end: Bramley window. William and Hannah Bramley. 1951. A tailor in Church St. Note workrooms running to rear on east wall. By HJ Stammers.


In memory of
a faithful servant of God & of this Church
Parish Clerk 1885 to 1929, who passed
to his rest on August 6th, 1929, aged 81 years.
They serve Him day and night in his temple.

BRAMLEY window

To the glory of God
and in loving memory
servant of this Church
who died 1 July 1947, aged 96, and
Hannah, his beloved wife, who
died 25 September, 1922, aged 69.
Eliza, wife of William Puncher

MORGAN, Rev Francis.
Deacon 1846. Priest 1847. Rector of Guisborough 1862-1900. Buried (gravestone) Ripon. Author: “Prior of Gysburne”, “Hillsland”, “The Keys of the Apocalypse” (1822-1900) d. 1902. (Q Vict 1819‑1901)
Note his return of 1865: S. morning 400. Evg 700. “Increasing”. Congregation not a fair proportion of population. Reasons: “The state of the Pew System and the nature of the population.” SCHOOLS: The Gisbro Providence School endowed for boys and girls and an Infants by subsn. 80 in boys/70 girls/110 infants. Several other schools in parish and a grammar school. Able to retain young people? “Not well.” Ev’g School: “We have an Ev’g School not yet well attended.” Dissenting places of worship? Meth 50/Primitive 50/Indep 50. “Anything which specially impedes your own ministry?” “Want of more lay and clerical help. One part of the parish is 9 miles off by the road.” (Note: There was a curate at this time.) “Any other matter?” – “The mining population are many of them totally neglectful of all religion, but they are a pleasant class to deal with and as they become more settled are more regular in church-going, etc.”
Known as “Rattler” Morgan. Had a football team derisively called “Morgan’s lambs”. Did he set out consciously to hold his own as an author with Canon Atkinson of Danby? Were they friends?

From Diaries of Edward Pease by Sir AE Pease, Bt. 1907: “I can remember the Rector of Guisborough refusing to countenance the Bible Society, because my father, a Quaker, was asked to preside, and dissenters were present at such meetings. Yet he was a kind, sincere and religious man, and in later years changed his attitude on such matters.
Old Glass in SW window nr Brus cenotaph.

VCH II. 362. from Skelderskew? “med. & 18C glass”.
Painted and repaired 1789 (Wm Chaloner 1745-1793)?
3 trefoiled lights with perp. tracery. Old E window re-set.

BELFRY – Carved inscription on -

Thomas Small Churchwardens
William Askew 1824

Obtain a photo? These two names referred to in deeds of 62 Church St (in Throstle’s Nest).
6 bells cast by T Mears of London, 1824. Previous 3 bells all used in casting.

FONT. In 1964 saw a font in Loftus Parish Church. Rector (Rev Geo Simpson) said it was brought from Guisborough church c. 1900. Dio. Arch. said abt 150 yrs old. This was to be taken out of Loftus Church 1964-5 and replaced by a font they had found in Loftus churchyard. Discarded font placed in Loftus Rectory garden. Get a photo of it. Did this come from Guis. Ch. or from the Priory gardens?
From Church.

1873 – “Guis Exchange” (5 Dec) now 630 sittings of which 530 allotted. Proposed rearrangement – 1050 sittings. Work commenced 20 Apr 1874. Completed Oct 1874. Reopened for Divine Service 25 Oct 1874. Chancel A/c (Ad Chaloner) £172.13.11d.
Church a/c - £1079.8.2d of which £882.14.6d subscriptions.

PEWS – Letter from Bishopthorpe to WC Trevor (Churchwarden?) “No one has right to affix brass plates to pews. Churchwardens should take them off” (see MORGAN’s return – p?)

1890 – Bulmer’s Directory: TITHE – Great T. of £555 is appropriated in the Lord of the Manor and the Eccles. Comrs. Living worth £300 including 77 acres of glebe. Where?

1844 – TITHE MAPS at S Anthony’s Hall, York
Guisborough 661                 A R P
Arable 900 0 0
Meadow and Pasture 812 1 5
Waste and Quarries 225 0 4
1937 1 9

£550 rent charge payable annually to Robert Chaloner, thereafter Abp. of York.
Award of rent charge in lieu of Tithes

1426 – First mention of Ch of S Nicholas. VCH f/note: Landsdarne MS 892 folio 56.

THE PARISH CHURCH OF S.NICHOLAS – New Rector – New Lord of the Manor

The Parish Church of S. Nicholas - Ripe for Restoration

Change was in the air very early in the 1900s. Rector Francis Morgan resigned (after 35 years) in 1900 and a new Rector arrived in 1901 – the Rev. Arthur Nutter Thomas. The Admiral's widow died in 1902 and his gave the parish a new Lord of the Manor, Colonel Chaloner.

Restoration followed within a few years, but it is wise to remember that the ground had been prepared in a modified form: plans had been prepared in 1892 for alterations to the sanctuary. These show that it was intended to construct three sedilia. They were not incorporated, in Temple Moore's scheme of complete restoration and we must be grateful that the simplicity of the sanctuary was not marred by such a proposal.


The tablet on the south wall of the chancel has a memorial (in Latin) which translated reads: "In memory of the Reverend Henry Clarke,MA, who for twenty-two years watched over the cure of souls in this parish. He died on the 13th day of November in the year of salvation 1861, aged 49. Mourned by all and particularly by the poor. His surviving children placed (this plate). Died at Redcar.

See Stockton Gazette & Middlesbrough Times 15 Nov. 1861.

A framed portrait in the old vestry. In 1841 census he lived at Longhull.

He had two sons: one was J.T. Clarke, land agent, including the
Chaloner estate and the Rev.A.D. Clarke. John Thomas, locally
known as Johnny Clarke, lived in Kemplah House, south side of Westgate bounded by New Road on the east. The addition to the house of an office on the east gable is still in use as a land agent's office, with the names Clarke & Watson, both of whom have departed to plots of land in the Cemetery.

Johnny Clarke (Steward Clarke when dealing with Chaloner business) used to order his rent receipts from J.T. Stokeld & Sons, printers in Fountain St. When I started work there in 1916 at the age of 13 I well recall the compositors referring to a certain italic typeface as "Johnny Clarke's Roundhand". The only Guisborian to have a typeface dedicated to his use!

1758- Thomas Corney, Three Fiddles Inn
1808- Thomas Corney, a Methodist
1874- Henry Corney in Market Place. Member Local Board.

Church Plate described in Yks.Arch.Soc.Journa1. Extra Series. Vol.III. Yorkshire Church Plate, Vol. I. 1912. Page 90.

Living Crockford 1967: net endowment £360. Net Benefice £1003. +

Cottage Home in Park Lane - plans approved 1913. For juvenile paupers who until then had lived in the Workhouse. Now 1983 being altered by private developers into flats. (Trinity Ct.)

Church 1646 Yks.Arch.Soc. Record Series. Vol.XV. Royalist Composition. Pennyman estate-£50 to be settled upon ye Rectory of Gisborough out of ye profits of ye Rectory of Maske for which £500 is to be abated.Apr.25. "...if he (Pennyman) shall likewise settle £50 on the Minister of Gisborough he shall be abated £500 in the latter payment of his fine”. pp.189 & 194.

Parish Church accounts

From a document in the Church safe dated 1868:
£3,200 invested in 3% Consols.

Income: £ s d
Dividend on above 96 0 0
Robert Stonehouse 2 0 0
Captain Chaloner – Rent Charge 4 4 0
Christopher Nixon 6 0 0
Carrick 9 0
JT Wharton 7 0 0
Total £115 13 0

Expended the above amount on the school.
Thomas Chaloner, rear Admiral
Thomas Tudor Trevor
Francis H Morgan
William Weatherill, Solicitor at Law
Richard Ord, Leather Merchant

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